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Our concern for the environment, the effort to limit the consumption and the need for provision of safe heating, as well as best service with autonomous use, led us to the design and implementation of this microboiler for autonomous function of each radiator and heating of spaces with low functional cost and the installation of this device without any further masonry or odd jobs to be required for the existing installations and minimization of expected installations for new buildings.

The performance of the microboiler is better than the one of the traditional boilers due to the great consumption economy thanks to the immediate energy conversion in heating at the space and great installation economy in old as well as new building.

It offers special care to the environment due to the minimum energy that is required for its operation with immediate result to gas emission reductions.

This invention refers to the field of installations (hydraulic & electric) for the heating of buildings and the saving of energy. For individual operation of each space radiator, independently and without extraction or disconnection for the installation, with a view to improve the quality of life and to reduce the energy consumption; this is achieved with the addition of the microboiler device on the radiator, which warms the water in it with a resistor with thermostat, of small power from 500 W to 1000 W or even 1500 W according to the special needs of bigger spaces and the size of the load of the radiator by warming it up, without any mechanical assistance (circulator), thus creating a closed circuit type of operation while the system remains open and connected to the existing network, giving to the radiator the possibility to operate alternatively with the central system if you wish so.

It is connected on the radiator of the heating installation, individual or central, allowing it to operate autonomously from the heating installation and with the ability to operate alternatively with the central heating, all the more without the extraction or switching off of the connection to the central installation to be necessary. The hot water circulation takes place without mechanical assistance, taking advantage of the impulse given by the heating to the water, directing it upwards and prompting it to create a current of constant move to the radiator, which forces the cold water to enter the tank of the microboiler through the return pipe in order to be warm up and again back to the radiator through the hot water outlet pipe and thus provide heating to the space. The microboiler device may be adjusted and integrated as a permanent part on the radiators by the constructors in a version of integration in the radiator’s body and with a resistor with thermostat of special form or without thermostat (i.e. self-regulating) that will be specially constructed for that purpose.

This method and the microboiler device aim to the autonomy of the function of every radiator (or separate more radiators), independently and without its extraction and disconnection from the existing installation.


Its purpose is to improve the quality of life with improvement of the security of the heating operation and with simultaneous saving of energy, since:

1) It may be used in a single room only in order to serve special needs, such as a baby, a senior citizen or a sick person, without having to warm the whole estate at the same time.

2) It may be used in separate spaces in the residence – office etc. during the period before the starting of operation of the central heating of the building and before the weather becomes very cold and the joint owners decide that it is cold enough and the central heating has to operate, with a view to improve the living conditions and to achieve economy without having to activate the whole central heating system, which consumes more energy than the necessary for the heating of the specific separate space when activated for smaller needs that the ones it is designed to serve.

3) As it concerns single radiator operation and therefore need for small amount of energy in order to operate, e.g. a resistor with thermostat 500 W to 1500 W is enough, it may be directly connected to solar panels of respective power and electricity productivity so as to zero its functional cost and keep satisfactorily warm the space during the whole year, when the central heating of the building does not work.


4) As it requires small amount of energy in order to operate, e.g. a resistor with thermostat 500 W to 1500 W is enough for residence spaces, in the future it may be connected with a battery of fuel cells (hydrogen), when allowed by the respective technology.


5) It may operate with a small boiler which will consume natural gas from the supply of the city where the residence is or with gas or any other liquid, solid or fuel gas.

6) It may alternatively also be applied for the service of special needs, e.g. big room, old residence without permanent installation like a small closed private network with more than one radiators and to operate also with a resistor with thermostat of bigger power.

7) It may become a permanent element on the heating installation of the building and prevent from the need to buy additional heating devices with open flame or with incandescent resistance that involve operation dangers and consume too much energy with small and usually locally restricted result.

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Greece Retail Pricelist(V.A.T. included)
1 Microboiler (M500)  0.5 KW €200.00 6 cent/hour
2 Microboiler (M1000)  1 KW €210.00 12 cent/hour
3 Microboiler(M1500) 1.5 KW €220.00 18 cent/hour
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